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Audrey Hope Spiritual Soul Healer Award winner Testimonial

"Evelyn Kuepper is a soul healer, and this is the depth and level that people need to really live in this time and age. With talent and intuition and guidance from the heavens, she will lead you back to center. Gifted like an angel, she will make you remember who you are and why you are really here."

— Audrey Hope, Los Angeles

Host/Creator of Award Winning TV Show Hope for Relationships TV at Interreality Productions & Spiritual Healer at Seasons Rehabilitation Center,

Testimonial Eric Dahan soul healing transformation

"Evelyn is a gifted healer and seer, and immediately put me at ease with the respect and loving kindness of her approach. Her perception is accurate and I connected easily with her interpretations. She gave me the insights I needed at the time to overcome the barriers that stood on my path. I connected instinctively to her western rigor of her thinking and the poetic oriental bent of her words. I was moved by her dedication to her work and genuine caring for my concerns. I am very grateful that our paths crossed."

— Eric Dahan



"I can honestly say that Evelyn was a life-saver for me during a very dark and difficult moment. She helped me get through a life-crisis with heaps of compassion, insight and perseverance, and then step by step assisted me to see and heal those deeper problems I had buried for a long time. Evelyn combines many different traditions and ways of working into her own unique way of healing and transforming patterns and issues we are not even aware we carry in us. She is gifted with a major healing talent, and helped me see the bright side of things with her infectious sense of humour. I was lucky to have her by my side during this time."

— Canan Gündüz, Berlin


Jay Levin Los Angeles Life Coach Testimonial

"Evelyn Kuepper has a wonderful and uniquely textured and toned way in the Coaching she provides. Plus an accuracy that made me smile. I found her both profound and innovative, with the additional rare gift of strategic vision and operational insight that explains why she was a successful project manager and now a useful consultant on strategic planning for business (for profit or nonprofit) and, if you need it, for personal career. I am pleased to recommend her."

— Jay Levin, Los Angeles

Founder LA Weekly newspaper

Jen Lang Dubai Communication Coach Testimonial

"I knew I needed to work with someone who understood how ancestral lineage and inherited patterns worked and could be cleared. In the time since the healing session, I have had my best income month ever, and I feel lighter and more emotionally balanced around my own growth with money and wealth. Evelyn creates a very safe and special ‘place’ to guide the healing and insights that happen. Her gentle questions and sharing of what she senses are not intrusive, but lead to a higher understanding of why certain patterns appear in my life. Parts of the healing process were truly moving on such a deep level. I still use the affirmation that grew out of our work together every day. Evelyn, you’re a special healer – thank you!"

— Jen Lang, Dubai

Voice & Communications Coach

Volkhard Roeseler Berlin Astrologer Family constellations Testimonial

"A Coaching session with Evelyn is an amazing experience.  It took place on the phone, and I got a strong sense of connection with my body as soon as Evelyn tuned into my question or person. Through that she lead me to surprising spots both in my body and my life history. It brought me deeper into body awareness and opened inner doors which had been closed since childhood. In the end I felt harmonised in both my body and my soul combined with a clear sense that this could change my life. So, if you book a reading with Evelyn, be ready to have a deep encounter with yourself within a supportive and caring environment. Healing is possible. Thank you Evelyn."

— Volkhard Roeseler, Berlin

Astrologer & naturopath

Ines Dahlke Berlin Energy healer Testimonial

"Sessions with Evelyn are like coming home: Evelyn's sympathetic, sensitive and devoted character makes it very easy for me to open up and be fully confident. Her sessions are deep and healing. Every time I've been gifted by her message and have come a lot closer to myself. Particularly impressive is Evelyn's clear view of what is right now and what themes are now ready to be solved. After each session, I walk my way lightly and bravely, leaving the veil of fears and heaviness behind me! I can recommend Evelyn with all my heart 100%."


— Ines Dahlke, Berlin

Energy Healer & Store owner

Stephanie Oetman.jpeg

"Working with Evelyn has been amazing! I have such a better understanding of myself, my worth, my power, and the spirits. I leave every single week knowing that I have really moved some big energy and it has truly improving my day to day life.

I’m changing and becoming more confident and sure of my own decisions, trusting myself and my intuition. I have so much more love and respect for myself and for others in turn. 

Evelyn is kind and understanding and always brings such positivity to each session. It’s easy and feels comfortable, while still pushing me to becoming my best self. I feel loved and encouraged each day with her. I can honestly say that it has helped me in a way that nothing else has outside of myself.

I am thankful for Evelyn’s kindness and her loving spirit. I will never forget what she has already done for me, and what I know she will continue to help me accomplish."


— Stephanie Oetman, Los Angeles

Testimonial Soul Healing Spiritual Transformational Coaching

"I received my first session from Evelyn in 2014. At this time, my body has suffered for many years from a physiological disease. I was on a daily medical protocol with several different medications and no improvement.

During the session, Evelyn removed energetic blockages and gave me suggestions to change my diet. During and after the reading, I was feeling a huge emotional and physiological relieve and release. I simply felt rejuvenated. I followed Evelyn's advise and a few months later, Test Results show that my body has fully recovered and medication is no longer needed. Now, I know why medication by itself, had no positive effect in the first place - because True Healing has to take place on every dimension; Spiritual, Emotional and Physical. During the past 4 years, I have had many additional sessions with Evelyn for different reasons and concerns. No matter what kind of questions or concerns I have; In order to fully understand them on a deeper level, I always want to know what the true cause is. Everything in life happens for a reason.

Evelyn was born to do this kind of work. I trust her 100%. She is my Angel to guide and assist me to stay on my path that is right and meant for me in this lifetime."

— Patricia Taudien, Arizona

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