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What are the ‘Rules of Engagement’?

I commit to absolute confidentiality.

With our Coaching Agreement we determine which package is the best fit for you, how we will pace the sessions, and how often you would like me to check in with you. Whatever works best. Please feel free to give me feedback at any given time. 

Lastly, I’ll never desert you! If there is anything that you want to share with me anytime before or after a session, please get in touch with me.


Where do the sessions take place?

If you live in LA, we can meet for sessions in my office in Malibu, I can come to your home or office, or we can do the session at the beach or in nature. When I come to your home I offer an energetic cleanse of your space. I feel energetic disturbances and the vibration of objects surrounding you. One of the techniques I use to cleanse is smudging incense from a German Shaman, who travels to Oman to buy the best quality frankincense right from the tree. In addition, I use plants that I forage in California.

If you live in Germany please get in touch with me to find out when I will visit next. If you don’t live in LA see the next question regarding phone sessions.

Do the sessions work on the phone?

Yes. I offer sessions on the phone – it doesn’t make any difference how many miles apart we are to get the same results. For Europe and Asia the time difference binds the sessions to the mornings/evenings – overseas evenings/mornings.


How do I prepare for a session?

It can be helpful to contemplate on the issue you’re dealing with, but it’s not necessary. Whatever is ready to be seen will show. No other preparation is necessary, just come with an open mind. Otherwise I’ll work on your resistance around a certain topic, which might also be an important step for you to take.

What is happening during a Transformational Coaching?

I ask you a few questions to understand your current challenges. An important first step towards transformation is to indicate that you’re ready to let go of what no longer serves you by stating an intention of how you want to feel after the session. If you don’t have words to express what’s going on for you, I start the session by locating the blockages in your subtle system. I will ask you to breathe consciously with your attention above your head in the moments between your breaths – an ancient meditation method to expand into higher awareness. I perceive internal information and pictures that illuminate where you might have disconnected from yourself and others, e.g. revealing unresolved family events or trauma – getting a deep insight into why you feel the way you feel. My sessions are an interactive process where I guide you to find harmony within the family, or the community or whatever else presents itself offering the possibility to heal the original wounds, and re-open the flow of life energy.

My Coaching has suggested individual practices for you to help you maximize and maintain results - it is informed by a Meditation and Yoga practice - and I generally recommend a healthy life style. Lasting life changes comes from personally responding to and integrating the insights you receive from your sessions.

How many sessions do you recommend?

The frequency of sessions can range from twice a week to every two months and everything in between. My clients book my Coaching for a wide variety of reasons. The number of sessions you choose to experience depends on the immediacy of your issue, how open you are to your personal transformation, how deep you want to go, how much you’d like to discover about yourself, and how committed you are to your personal growth. Once you experience the benefits of a session you’ll receive a deeper understanding of which package to choose and I encourage you to trust in your own intuition. Many times people experience immediate shifts on their desired issue, and sustainable transformation tends to occur in phases. Consistent Transformational Coaching contributes to consistent results.

How can Evelyn as a skilled Intuitive and Transformational Coach help me?

Intuitive seeing means seeing energy that appears beyond what your eyes can see. Quantum Physics defines it as the brain entering a theta state in “quantum nonlocality”. The insights can be used to refine your vision in any area of life. Through this clear vision we can locate the origin of your blockages, transcend fear, and restore your sense of belonging. It has been empirically shown by science that human beings all share the same basic need for connection. Re-connecting to what has been separated is the core objective of my sessions. I’ve had success with harmonizing the field of the family, ancestors, and relationships. For example, several of my clients were able to sleep again after decades of insomnia. My work may reveal hidden dynamics underlying disease and illness but we have to be willing to overcome beliefs of victimhood and realize that we’re the creators of our own reality. I see many clients, who are seeking help to unlock financial stagnation. This can be rooted in the ancestral lineage or in the collective consciousness e.g due to the experience of famine, inflation or in childhood trauma. Other clients were able to let go of the grief and sadness they felt in regard to relationships that didn’t end on good terms. Through Transformational Coaching your strengths get highlighted, your support activated, and the potentially beneficial partnerships in your private and professional life are identified, giving you possible solutions to any situation life presents you. Ultimately you align your inner purpose with your outer action making you a more unified, effective, healthier and happy person.


Do Evelyn’s sessions include predictions?

No. We’re always working with your potential as it presents itself right now. Rather than looking at when things happen, we look at how they can happen. Things about the future can generally only be known as probabilities, or as possibilities, as they are always subject to change by the altering state of one's desire and belief. 


What is Family Constellation work?

According to recent studies in epigenetics, we inherit emotional and behavioral imprints from our ancestors. Oftentimes these imprints contain the unresolved issues of earlier generations. This unconscious coding can determine the quality of our current relationships, as well as our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Constellations go to the root of the problem by reaching to our ancestral roots, bringing to light unconscious entanglements and bonds. Often these inherited patterns turn out to be unconscious expressions of deep loyalty and love for members of our family. Once hidden entanglements are revealed and acknowledged, powerful insights from our hearts can restore peace and understanding to our family soul and to all of our relationships, reconnecting us with the strength and gifts of previous generations.

What is Nonviolent communication?                                             

Our communication is a huge part of who we are and adjusting it is a very effective and pragmatic tool. In the words of Marshall Rosenberg, who developed Nonviolent Communication (NVC): “NVC shows us a way of being very honest, without any criticism, insults, or put-downs, and without any intellectual diagnosis implying wrongness.” An old saying goes “thoughts become words, words become action, and our actions becomes who we are.” NVC is based on the natural state of compassion when no violence is present in the heart. It starts with assuming that we are all compassionate by nature and that violent strategies - whether verbal or physical - are learned behaviors taught and supported by the prevailing culture. NVC also assumes that we all share the same, basic human needs, and that each of our actions are a strategy to meet one or more of these needs. By recognizing that “our emotions don’t have perpetrators” we understand that victimhood doesn’t acknowledge the role triggers play in our lives. In fact our fellow human beings are our perfect mirrors and therefore our best teachers. NVC is the tool to ask for what we want, how to hear others even in disagreement, and how to move toward solutions that work for all. This means to share “power with others” rather than using “power over others”.


Are the sessions religious?

No. My work is distinct from any religious denomination. People from all walks of life and with a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds book my sessions. Seeking the Master within, not on the outside, is where I see the greatest potential in gaining strength to navigate through life. Transformational Coaching enhances the awareness of the magic in your everyday life.

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